The International Organ Festival consists of 9 cathedral concerts performed by musicians from all over the world: Poland, the Czech Republic, Costa Rica, Luxembourg, Russia, Taiwan, Ukraine and Italy. In addition, within two months festival concerts take place in 8 cities of Pomerania, among others, in churches in Darłowo, Bobolice, Białogard, Dźwirzyno, Mielno and Szczecinek.

In 2019, the main concerts of the festival returned to the Koszalin cathedral, which has undergone a thorough renovation over the last few years and, consequently, changing its face during maintenance works.

Architectural details in the renovated cathedral interior along with the main theme focusing on the returning location.

Festival pins, tickets and rollups appearing in several iterations - depending on the type of concert, divided into cathedral and non-local versions.

Information leaflets containing the full program and the location of festival points, available both, in the cathedral and other festival cities.

Elements of outdoor promotion – advertisements at the bus stops, information poles as well as street and facade flags.

Elements of visual identification adapted to social media profiles and online communication.