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Visual identification

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Graphic projects

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From a broader perspective

We look at a brand as a complete set of molecules in which the movement of one determines the movements of others. They should harmonize with each other, because that is the only way the brand will be able to grow strong!

Visual Design

Visible face of a brand. Every entrepreneur, or at least everyone striving for excellence, knows that the perception of a brand is influenced by many factors. One of them is the care for modern, extraordinary graphic design. A perfectly designed logo, catchy name of the company or product, and professional visual identification are the elements that allow you to stand out from the competition, convince customers to your offer and arouse sympathy for the brand. Aim high and we will help you grow!

Web Design

Your brand online. A modern, ingenious website, e-commerce store or blog is a must for brands that want to build trust and increase professionalization. Our concept of Web Design is a combination of creative vision with a solid set of practical skills. Let's do great things together!

Strategic Design

Invisible face of a brand. Strategy is the cornerstone of any successful concept. The balance between innovative thinking and hard facts and real goals allows the brand to grow. By properly identifying the company's operational capabilities and optimizing project management, you can better distinguish the brand's products and services from the competition, build a market advantage and become an important player on the national or international arena.

Time for change?

One thing is for sure - it's always a good time to change for the better! Contact us and find out how we can support you to make your brand grow strong!

We turn visions into projects

How do we combine the spirit of creativity with keeping both feet on the ground? We know what initiates growth and changes, we know what areas of activity are worth developing to grow, grow and grow again. Lets grow!

Marketing 360°

As we also own an Wypisz Wymaluj online marketing agency, our clients can get support in various fields. Most importantly, we design our solutions with a vision of application, both in the field of graphics, websites, brand strategy, and online marketing.


Team work is the element that makes it possible to professionally design and implement graphic designs or websites. In Lets Grow, the skills of web designers, graphic designers and copywriters intertwine to create a product that is perfected in every respect.


We have developed a cooperation system that is based on constant contact, tracking progress and improving the project while it is still being worked on. We use the Trello application, in which clients can observe the progress and join the process of creation on an ongoing basis. The final stage is the acceptance of the end result.

The model of cooperation

We created it based on our own experience and training from experts in project management. Cooperation is divided into 3 pillars - planning and strategy, plan implementation and analysis of achieved goals. Due to this, we can control the effectiveness of the activities carried out in 100%.


Product packaging

Design of the name, logo, visual identity and packaging for the new brand in large retail stores.

Image of the institution

A comprehensive identification project for the Koszalin Philharmonic, including stap-by-step activities to create a new image.

Label creation

Design of beer labels for two flavor lines, each in three variants, being the basis for the development of the chosen direction for new beer varieties.

Get inspired!

Contact us to find out more about our projects and see for yourself that professional design can become your company's showcase.

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