Visual identification design for an existing car workshop, which is in the course of relocating, expanding, as well as increasing the offer and the number of employees. Taking advantage of the current name for completely changing the graphic design and the visual key, then applied to the ephemera, external markings, and elements of outdoor advertising.

The project task consisted in changing the brand's image, focusing on a selected group of recipients adjusted to the scope of the presented offer, as well as opening to a new market segment - premium customers who were previously out of reach due to the location, lack of a website and social media profiles.

In terms of the conducted actions, basic ephemera sets were created - letterhead, a set of business cards, notebooks, pens, and printed materials - leaflets, advertising banners, and elements of a press advertisement.

Part of the activities consisted also in preparing dedicated materials in the form of stickers, pendants, and manuals used during regular inspections, repairs, replacement of parts, and operating fluids.

Changing the location resulted also in new promotional opportunities, the spacious hall and waiting room made it possible to locate a marked reception desk, a place of first contact with the brand, gaining
information, and serving refreshments. Also, all employees received uniforms - marked shirts, overalls, and hats, tailored to the performed tasks.

The process of far-reaching changes concerned equally the online sphere, the emergence of a functional and responsive website including a complete offer and contact form, as well as implementing social media communication.

The final stage consisted in designing external markings, an entrance gate, an advertising wall sign, and a set of flags.