Brand visual identity project for an entity already operating on the market, dealing with wind energy, measurement, design, construction and installation of masts around the world, as well as providing services in wind turbines. The new graphic concept applies to the entire investment group, which consists of several entities specializing in narrow areas, such as technical training or branches dedicated to the African market.

The set goal was to create a new concept of a visual key that would be easily scalable, adaptable to both current and new companies, as well as various printing, web, outdoor and social media purposes.

The process of creation and consultation with the client resulted in a new adaptable visual system was created based on a graphic representation of the technical aspects of wind measurement and bar systems, with iterative layouts and color sets for individual companies.

The image website of the group presenting the most important information about the scope of activity and pages dedicated in terms of structure and functionality to other entities.

Offer and information folders collecting the most important data about a given company, clearly presenting the scope of work and services, experience and technical facilities. Adapted for domestic and international use.

A company’s stationary set including different versions of business cards adapted to the type of recipient and the position held, clearly indicating affiliation to a specific section of the group of companies.

Training catalogs have been adapted and systematized, taking into account the type of the course, its scope and the certifying entity, divided into clear information sections with a dedicated system of pictograms.

Image publications on the history of the group, its experience, characteristics of individual companies, scope of activity, emphasizing the expert approach and projects completed around the world.

Effective communication in social media based on a visual key and the use of the brand's global know-how, which clearly presents the scope of services.

The entire visual key was based on photographs taken by us during a series of photo sessions in various places around the world, focusing on individual aspects of the company's operations.